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Star Machines
ROLAND - 304P - Mabeg Feeder, Maximum Sheet Size 530 x 740mm, Non-stop Feeder & Delivery, Accoustic Sidelay Detection, RCI with memory, Rolandmatic, Technotrans Refrigerated Recirculation, Semi Automatic Plate Change, Automatic Blanket Roller & Impression Cylinder wash, Weko Wekotron Powder Spray, Sheet Decurler, Maximum Speed 15,000
HORAUF - BDM COMPACT 45 - Quick make-ready case maker suitable for various products such as book cases, ring binders,, letter file cases, 3-piece cases, game boards, photo albums, pocket diaries, bible cases etc., Comprising:, Conveyor feed of pre-cut boards, Triple reel feeder for soft spines with auto-splice, Magazine feeder for stiff or hollow spines, Shingle conveyor feed of pre-cut cloth, Pre-melt tank , Mobile hot-melt gluing unit and circulation pump , Conveyor delivery with counter, DC drive motor, Complete with vacuum compressors, tools & accessories., (In-house compressed air supply required – not included)., Specification:, Max open case size: 390 x 660 x 90 mm, Min open case size: 100 x 170 x 8 mm, Max board thickness: 4 mm, , Min board thicknet: 1 mm, Max spine width: 80 mm, Min spine width: 8 mm (option 6 mm), Spine thickness, flexible: Max 0.6 mm, Min 0.3 mm, Rigid: Max. 3 mm, Min 1 mm, Cover material: Max. 0.3 mm, Min 0.1 mm, Production speed: Max. 45/min., (Compressed air requirements approx. 1200 Nl/min.@ 6 bar),
SULBY - BINDMASTER - Book Lining Machine, Gauzing unit, Cut off knife, Glue rollers
SETMASTER - DUPLEX COLLATOR - Horizontal off-line machine for book, forms and samples production., Variety of stocks handled from single carbon, newsprint, folded sections, forms, tabbed, index cards. , Comprising;, Low pile ‘Duplex’ hoppers with suction feed, For 15 x A4 or 30 x A5 production, Electronic miss feed detection on each station, Double sheet caliper detection on exit, Integral compressor, Extended table delivery, Including manual & electrical drawing., , Specification:, Max sheet size: 300 x 215 mm sx 15, Max sheet size: 215 x 150 mm x 30, Min sheet size: 120 x 100 mm, Paper weight: 20 – 1000 gms, Max mechanical speed: 2,000 to 3,500 cycles/hr. , , , , ,
MBO - B123-C-4-4 - High Speed Folding Machine, 4 Buckle Unit, 4 Buckle Unit , Continuous Round Pile Feeder, Sound Hood, HSS C210 Two Head Gluing, Gate Fold, Batch Counter, Air Compressor, Mobile Shingle Delivery ,
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