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First Graphic Machinery are market leaders in supplying used printing machinery to businesses worldwide.

Star Machines
ABG - DIGICON Series II - Touch Screen Control Panels, Max Web Width 330 mm, Standard Unwind (Machine can run independently), Semi Rotary Flexo Varnish Unit (25.5 inch cylinder), UV and Hot air drying capabilities, Vetaphone Corona Treater, Web Guide, Splice Table, Re-registration Lamination with label on label registration, Semi Rotary Die Cutting Station, 25.5 inch magnetic cylinder, Waste stripping, Rotometrics RD Back Scorer, Crush Knife Slitting, Rewind unit with single lower shaft, Buffer Festoon unit to offer in-line running with a print press,
MARK ANDY - 2200-13F - Self-Adhesive Flexo Label Press, Ten colour flexo Self Adhesive Label Press, Max web width 330 mm (13 Inch), 10 x Flexo Print Units, 10 x GWE Rhino UV Drying Units Age NEW 2016, Unwind Unit with Splice Table, Web Guide, Turner Bar, Camera System, 2 x Rotary Die Stations, Matrix Rewind, Product Rewind
No Picture
EDALE - ALPHA - Four Colour flexo Label press, Max Web Width 250 mm, 4 x GEW UV Drying Units, 4 x Flexo Print Units, K3 Digital Tectonic Print Inspection, Unwind Unit, EL Web Guide, Splice Table, Turner Bar, 3 Rotary Die stations, Waste Rewind, Product Rewind, Slitting
UTECO - RAINBOW S - Solventless Laminator, 1300 mm web width, 2 x 1000mm Diameter Unwinds (shafted with lifting device), 1 x 800mm diameter rewind (shafted with lifting device), 250 m/min run speed, Sleeve based transfer roller application, Suitable for papers, films and aluminium foils.,
ATN-DCM - 1H - Nine Colour Roto-Gravure Press, Max Web Width 520 mm, Max Print Width 510 mm, Print Repeat 320 to 670 mm, Max Mechanical Speed 200 M/Min, Production Speed 150 M/Min, 9 x Gravure Print Units, 18 x Interchangeable Print Carriages, Web Turner Bar Moveable to Any Print Unit Rail Mounted above the press, Electrical Drying on All Print Units, Max Unwind Dia 1000 mm, Double Unwind with Festoon with Zero Speed Splice, BST EKR 1000 Web Guide, Elcowa Web Cleaner, Eltromat Twin-check Autoset Register System Age 2012, Length and Side, Presstech ESA Electrostatic Ink Assist , Optimation LEL Monitoring System, BST Web Edge Guide, Tecscan Camera System, Helios Slitting Unit, ATN Sheeting Unit, Rewind Unit
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